How to Host a Webpage on GitHub Pages

Creating a GitHub Page is super simple and easy. There's two different ways of creating GitHub Pages. Making a repository that matches your GitHub user name will create a main page. From then on you'll edit like you do with any other web page. Note: You can setup a GitHub page for any git repositories. How about we get started!

Creating a Main GitHub Page

  1. Create a new repo.
  2. Make a repository that matches your GitHub username "" then click "Create repository".
  3. After your repository is created click on the, "Repository Settings" and then, "Automatic Page Generator".
  4. Edit this generated page, as this will show as your homepage. You can also add a Google Analytics ID, but click "Continue To Layouts".
  5. Select the theme that fits your mood and click "Publish".

Congratulations, you finished the beginning! She'll be hosted under your username

Make a GitHub Page for your Current Repository

  1. Select your repo that you want a page for.
  2. Upload your HTML and CSS files.
  3. Click the drop down menu, "Branch: master" and type "gh-pages" to create.

The site should be hosted under your GitHub username on a slow day give it 10 minutes for propagation. If you get stuck, or run into id10t errors, please read the GitHub Documentation. Good Luck and Happy Coding!